109 Candidacy for Doctoral Degree


Announcement  qualifying examination, job duration as follows


 3/2~3/19 Begin accepting applications. Required Documents : Application Form, abstract (paper and electronic files), transcript.


2. 3/22-3/31 進行書面審查

 3/22-3/31: Office will review your application.


3. 4/4-4/14  進行第一階段審查

4/4-4/14  : The first period examine.


4. 通過第一階段審查者須在6月底前完成口試  (進行口試前須提報試委員,由主任進行圈選)

The oral exam will be required to complete at the end of June. (Oral exam committee: please provide 7 committee members , director will select 5 committee members.)


Application for Candidacy for Doctoral Degree

Committee Member Form