Drug Discovery Research Team Highlights

The Drug Discovery Research Team composed of faculties and researchers from Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery, College of Pharmacy, and TMU Research Center for Drug Discovery. We focused on molecular design ranging from drug discovery to pre-clinical and clinical stage for both small molecules and biologics.


1.Drug Discovery

Lead by Prof. Shiow-Lin Pan from Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery program. In collaboration with Professors Wei-Chun HuangFu and Kai-Cheng Hsu, and Assistant Investigator Han-Li Huang (TMU Research Center for Drug Discovery) for drug discovery targeting cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.


2.Pre-Clinical Stage

Our research team has one candidate drug entered preclinical stage. The is a small molecule HDAC6 inhibitor targeting cancer lead by Prof. Shiow-Lin Pan. This project has been funded by Ministry of Health and Welfare for 36 million NTD and MOST Germination project for 30 million NTD. This drug candidate is expected to file IND and enter phase 1 clinical trial in 2024.


3.Clinical Stage

The pan-HDAC inhibitor, MPT0E028, developed by our research team has filed US and Taiwan FDA IND and completed phase 1 clinical trial in 2019. MPT0E028 is expected to enter phase 2 clinical trial in 2024.