The Taipei Medical University- Ph.D. program in Cancer Molecular Biology and Drug Discovery was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2009, and began to enroll students in 2011. With the improvement of medical science as well as the changes of lifestyles in Taiwan, the leading causes of death has been transferred from acute infectious diseases to chronic diseases. Cancer has ranked first among the top ten causes of death in Taiwan since 1982, and its standardized mortality and incidence rates also increase year by year. The government still needs experts to improve cancer research, diagnosis, and drug development in view of the circumstances. Cancer research is critical in ​​biomedical science, and cancer drug development serves as the hottest and most important field in the pharmaceutical industry. The main purpose of the “Ph.D. Program in Cancer Biology and Drug Research and Development of Taipei Medical University” is to advance the knowledge and skills of researchers in the field of cancer biology and drug research. Therefore, those talents can join many types of research institutions in biomedical-related fields, and lay the foundation in biomedical research in the future. This doctoral research program was established to cultivate interdisciplinary research that focuses on tumor-related medicine and follow the guide to executing the Development Plan for World-Class Universities as well as Research Centers for Excellence. TMU is one of Taiwan’s leading research universities, and our program has outstanding scientific researchers and cutting-edge equipment for advanced research. TMU also works in collaboration with its six affiliated hospitals and has access to their clinical resources. Our program employs full-time professors with diverse expertise and recruits several scientifically admirable academicians from Academia Sinica to the teaching and research teams. Teachers who specialize different scientific principles can cooperate and make impacts in their professional fields. From basic research to translational medicine, we develop cutting-edge therapeutic strategies for cancer prevention and treatment, as well as move towards a top international and World Class University.