This Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery was established in 2018, the Master’s program integrates the “PhD Program in Cancer Biology and Drug Research”, establishing a consecutive educative system for masters and doctors. It aims to cultivate research talents with basic knowledge and learning attitudes in cancer biology and drug research, and to provide Master-degree to students who are interested and promising in these majors. The Master’s program emphasizes the originality and independent thinking, problem-solving techniques, empirical medical research capabilities, international vision and communication skills, cancer training in cross-domain integration of pharmaceutical research and development technology as well as the clinical translation skills, etc. We provide interdisciplinary training and excellent research support to help students to build successful careers. We develop cutting-edge therapeutic strategies for cancer prevention and treatment from bench to bedside and provide on-site visits for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. We build up a competitive global advantage by sharing resources in teaching and research and recruiting international students. We aim to make more remarkable breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Hope our student can make breakthroughs for the development and prevention of cancer.